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First Place - Abilgail Levis, Mezzo-Soprano
Second Place - Michael St. Peter, Tenor
Third Place - Peter Drackley, Tenor
Milburn Male Encouragement - Chonghwa Kim, Tenor
Female Encouragement - Brittany Nickell, Soprano



First Place - Joo Won Kang, Baritone
Second Place - Tracy Cox, Soprano
Third Place - Virgenie Verrez, Mezzo-Soprano
Male Encouragement - Jamez McCorkle, Baritone
Female Encouragement - Audra Methvin, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Joo Won Kang, Baritone


First Place - Jonathan Beyer, Baritone
Second Place - Katherine Leemhuis, Mezzo- Soprano
Third Place - Nathan Stark, Bass
Male Encouragement - Donovan Singletary, Bass- Baritone
Female Encouragement - Jessica Rose Cambio, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Donovan Singletary, Bass-Baritone


First Place - Michael Todd Simpson, Baritone
Second Place - Dongwon Shin, Tenor
Third Place - Jennifer Holloway, Mezzo-Soprano
Male Encouragement - Troy Cook, Baritone
Female Encouragement - Ava Pine, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Ava Pine, Soprano


First Place - Erik Nelson Werner, Baritone
Second Place - Jennifer Root, Mezzo-Soprano
Third Place - Marianne Cope, Soprano
Best Male Vocalist - Jason Hardy, Bass
Jury Discretionary Award - Jason Hardy, Bass
Audience Favorite - Jason Hardy, Bass


First Place - Kyle Ketelson, Bass-Baritone
Second Place - Daniel Weeks, Tenor
Jesus Garcia - Tenor
Audience Favorite - Kyle Ketleson


First Place - Frank Hernandez, Baritone
Second Place - Allen Henderson, Baritone
Third Place - Fernando de Valle, Tenor


First Place - Kenn Woodward, Baritone
Second Place - Jeffrey Snider, Lyric Baritone
Third Place - Bruce Brown, Baritone
Third Place - Michael Galanter, Lyric Tenor


First Place - Margaret Jane Wray, Mezzo-Soprano
Second Place - Mary Jack Seelye, Soprano


First Place - Brent Turner, Tenor
Second Place - Olivia Vote, Mezzo-Soprano
Third Place - Marin Weinberger, Soprano
Male Encouragement - David Leigh, Bass
Female Encouragement - Elizabeth Sutphen, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Galeano Salas, Tenor


First Place - Jan Cornelius, Soprano
Second Place - Megan Marino, Mezzo Soprano
Third Place - Norman Garrett, Baritone
Male Encouragement - Eric Jurenas, Counter- Tenor
Female Encouragement - Vanessa Becerra, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Andrew Garland, Baritone


First Place - Angela Meade, Soprano
Second Place - Jordan Shanahan, Baritone
Third Place - Timothy Kuhn, Baritone
Male Encouragement - Christopher Magiera, Baritone
Female Encouragement - Audrey Luna, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Audrey Luna, Soprano


First Place - Marjorie Owens, Soprano
Second Place - Jacqueline Wagner, Soprano
Third Place - Naguanda Miller-Nobles, Lyric Soprano
Best Male Vocalist - Jason Grant, Bass-Baritone
Jury Discretionary Award - Emily Douglass, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Yali-Marie Williams, Soprano


First Place - Jennifer Chung, Soprano
Second Place - Michelle Areyzaza, Soprano
Third Place - Marsha Thompson, Soprano
Jury Discretionary Award - Lindsay Killian, Soprano
Audience Favorite - Matthey Trevino, Bass


First Place - Jonita Lattemore, Soprano
Second Place - Ji-Yeun Cho Lee, Soprano
Third Place - Joyce Di Donato, Mezzo-Soprano
Audience Favorite - Gabriel Gonzalez, Tenor


First Place - Vivica Genaux, Mezzo-Soprano
Second Place - Michael Lynn Galanter, Lyric Tenor
Third Place - Kyun Mook Yum, Baritone
Third Place - Bruce Fowler, Tenor


First Place - Richard Paul Fink, Baritone

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